1) Where does a king live? a) home b) palace c) school 2) The king was a) greedy b) mean c) silly 3) Why was the man in the garden? a) to pick flowers b) to run away c) to get fresh air 4) How many wishes did the man grant the king? a) two b) four c) three 5) The wish was to turn everything the king touched into a) hamburgers b) gold c) silver 6) What was the last thing to turn to gold? a) a rose b) a rug c) his daughter 7) What does the word "greedy" mean? a) never having enough b) giving your things away c) sharing 8) What did not turn to gold? a) deer b) stairs c) horses 9) When the king's daughter turned to gold, the king "wailed." a) Wailed means cried b) Wailed means laughed. c) Wailed means fainted


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