I'd like to speak to Ms Margari, please. - Beginning a call, I'm calling about the report I sent you regarding the project. - Giving the reason for calling, I'm sorry I didn't catch that. - When you can't hear the other person, I wanted to ask you a question about the report you sent. - Checking information, Could you hold on a moment, please, while I'm checking? - Asking the caller to hold, Would you like to leave a message? - Asking the caller to leave a message, Whatever is best for you. - Arranging to meet, I wanted to see if you're still interested in my offer. - Making a follow-up call., I'm afraid Ms Margari is not here at the moment. - When the person is not available, What's the best way to contact you? - Exchanging contact details, I'll check the details and call you back. - Ending a call, My name's Vicky Margari and I represent Accademia Language Centre. - Introducing oneself,

Telephoning - Key expressions and functions


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