1) Mom said to go regardless of the weather. 2) Do you like multiplication or division better? 3) The gigantic apricot was tasty. 4) I like broccoli and cauliflower. 5) The photographer takes great photos. 6) It is relaxing outside in the violet hammock. 7) The principal at school watches videos of the bus. 8) Does Richard play the organ or piano? 9) Tomatoes and onions are good in salad. 10) The teacher said I was unprepared for the final examination. 11) The envelope is addressed to Becky. 12) I like to imagine that I have a great imagination. 13) The misshapened bowl is pretty. 14) Cargo vans are good for vacation. 15) Who broke the laptop that was sitting on the table? 16) The treadmill goes faster than the bicycle. 17) What is on television tonight? 18) Pull the curtains back and let the sunshine in. 19) Have you gotten your fingernails painted? 20) Do you like pepperoni on your pizza?


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