1) Do not slouch on the couch. 2) The cow's face looks like a clown. 3) The proud crowd wanted to shout. 4) The bow of the boat is facing town. 5) You yelled "ouch" when you tripped on the couch. 6) The plow should not be used on the cow. 7) Go south and follow the clouds. 8) In town, there was quite a crowd. 9) Let the clown down from the bow of the ship. 10) The wise owl screeches loudly. 11) Now that sound hurts my brow. 12) How now, brown cow. 13) The kangaroo was proud of her pouch. 14) In one hour, come pick a flower. 15) I will not take a shower said the scowler. 16) The hound will be pounding the ground. 17) Did John catch a trout while out? 18) Did you count the amount in the account? 19) I found the flour in a mound of the table. 20) Ground round is a type of hamburger meat. 21) CALL ON A FRIEND.


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