1) Piece of cake a) easy b) very hard c) I love cake! 2) hit the sack a) hit a bag b) fill up a sack with food c) go to bed 3) go bananas a) You like bananas b) go crazy c) You don't like bananas 4) over the moon a) you want to fly to the moon b) very happy c) the moon is pretty 5) it cost me an arm and a leg a) something doesn't cost a lot b) I hurt my arm and leg. c) something is expensive 6) break a leg a) good luck b) bad luck c) hurt your leg 7) barking up the wrong tree a) looking in the wrong place b) a dog is barking at a cat c) plant a tree 8) all ears a) not listening b) listening a little c) listening carefully 9) cold feet a) feet are cold b) nervous c) happy 10) head over heals a) wearing high heals b) deeply in love c) confused


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