1) • What are some things that make you feel mad? Sad? Happy? 2) • What strategies have you used to help with difficult emotions during online learning or your transition back to school? 3) • Describe a time when you felt confident. What contributed to this feeling? 4) • Describe a time your emotions impacted your actions. 5) • Describe something you like to do for fun. 6) • What do you like about school? What is challenging? 7) • Describe an achievement that makes you feel proud. 8) • Describe a time you practiced a skill in or out of school and got better. 9) • Describe a time and situation you needed help. 10) • What is something you are good at? Something you want to get better at? 11) • Who in the school, your family or your neighborhood can you go to if you are having a problem in school-- like with a friend or a math problem? 12) • What assets do you see in yourself? In your family? In your community? In your culture? 13) • What internal qualities or external supports have helped you accept new challenges and adjust to change? 14) • What are some goals you have in school or at home? 15) • What strategies help you reach your goals? 16) • Describe a goal you have and the progress you are making towards it. 17) • Describe a time you achieved a goal. How did you do it? How did you feel? 18) • Have you ever felt like giving up at something you wanted to get better at? How did you handle it? 19) • What are some of your short-term and long- term goals? 20) • How have conditions or context impacted your ability to achieve a goal? What did you do?

Self-Awareness & Self-Management




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