V + ing: participle (причастие/ деепричастие), after a preposition (после предлога), subject or object (подлежащее или дополнение), after START, BEGIN, CONTINUE, KEEP, FINISH, STOP etc.  , after LIKE, HATE, ENJOY, DON'T MIND..., after CONSIDER, AVOID, CAN'T HELP and many other verbs, after verbs of senses (SEE, FEEL, HEAR, NOTICE...) meaning long action, after DENY, ADMIT, MISS, REGRET and other past-oriented verbs, to + V: purpose (цель: "чтобы"), after adjectives (после прилагательных), after PLAN, DECIDE, INTEND, WANT and other future-oriented verbs, after nouns formed from many verbs, i.e. PLAN, INTENTION, DECISION etc., after WOULD+verb , V 1: after CAN, MUST, SHOULD, after LET & MAKE, after verbs of senses (SEE, FEEL, HEAR, NOTICE...) meaning single/ full action, after HAD BETTER/ WOULD RATHER,

Verb Forms: to-infinitive, bare infinitive, gerund/ V+ing


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