1) pulling your leg a) good luck b) joking c) raining hard 2) break a leg a) talks a lot b) costs a lot of money c) good luck  3) costs an arm and a leg a) can't prove something b) costs a lot  c) to attack someone at their weakest moment 4) talk the hind legs off a donkey a) talks a lot b) costs a lot  c) good luck 5) Doesn't have a leg to stand on a) at the end of life b) just like everybody else.  c) can't prove something 6) tail between his legs a) laughing b) embarrassed c) surprized 7) spilled the beans a) told everyone the secret b) spilled something c) embarrassed  8) give her right arm a) shocked b) you really want something c) don't care 9) walk on eggshells a) have a food fight b) crush everything you step on c) be extra careful 10) cold feet a) nervous b) your feet are cold c) you need the heat on


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