1) What type of molecule is water? a) polar b) nonpolar 2) What is the term called when water molecules stick to each other? a) adhesion b) cohesion 3) Capillary action is an example of ___________. a) adhesion b) cohesion 4) The hydrogen and oxygen atoms are held together by _______________ bonds. a) covalent b) cohesion 5) What causes the water strider to appear as if it's walking on water? a) surface tension b) water tension 6) What percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water? a) 80% b) 75% 7) Most substances dissolve in water, making water the ___________________. a) universal solution b) universal solvent 8) Water has several properties a) True b) False 9) Water has a pH of 7. This means water is ___________. a) acidic b) basic c) neutral 10) Water is a universal solvent. This means.... a) it can dissolve most substances. b) it can be found all over the world. 11) Large bodies of water, like oceans, do not change temperature quickly. This is due to a) density b) specific heat capacity 12) Water heats up slowly. a) True b) False


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