1) How did mathematics come ________ ? a) round b) about c) up d) out 2) We came _________ this fact when we were digging the hole. a) about b) off c) across d) round 3) Would you like to come ________ for dinner? a) across b) up c) round d) up with 4) There was some sort of property deal that didn't come_________. a) up b) out c) off d) about 5) What points came _________ at the meeting? a) off b) up c) up with d) out 6) He came _________ a great idea for the ad campaign. a) up b) out c) round d) up with 7) When the facts came _________ , there was public outrage. a) off b) out c) up d) about 8) How did such a confused situation come _________ ? a) up b) about c) off d) across 9) Reports are just coming _________ of a major accident on the motorway. a) about b) round c) up d) in 10) Did anything important come _________ in the conversation? a) up b) off c) out d) across 11) Tania came ___________ last evening but you weren't in. a) across b) about c) round d) up 12) I'm sure the truth will come ________one day. a) up b) out c) off d) about 13) We came _________ some old school photos the other day. a) round b) up with c) about d) across 14) How did the accident come _________ ? a) up b) about c) round d) off 15) Jason's attempt to break the record didn't come _________ . a) up b) round c) off d) out 16) Has anybody come __________ new ideas? a) up b) about c) across d) up with 17) The government's economic policies have come ________ for a lot of criticism. a) out b) up c) round d) in

Phrasal verbs (Come) First Expert


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