1) You got ketchup on a library book. What should you do? a) Pretend you didn't see it and return the book with ketchup on it. b) Blame it on your little sister. c) Tell the librarian the truth and ask what you can do to make it better. 2) You accidentally kicked a friend while playing soccer. What should you do? a) Say, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to. Are you ok?" b) Say "I didn't do it!" c) Blame your friend for getting in your way 3) You forgot your homework at home. What should you do? a) Blame it on your mom for not reminding you. b) Admit your mistake to your teacher and tell her you will bring it in tomorrow. c) Lie and say the dog ate it. 4) You wrote a mean note to your friend when you were mad at them. Your name isn't on it but your friend is sure it was you. What do you do? a) Deny that you wrote the note. b) Say "I wouldn't have written it if you didn't make me so mad!" c) Admit your mistake and apologize.  5) You broke a vase because you were playing with a ball inside the house. What do you do? a) Be honest about what you were doing, apologize and ask how you can make it better  b) Hide the vase c) Pretend you didn't see anything and nothing happened. 6) You borrowed your friends toy and accidentally broke it. What do you do? a) Blame someone else for breaking it. b) Be honest with your friend and talk to a parent about replacing the toy c) Say "It was broken when I got it." 7) You dad said "It's time to leave for the bus." You are not ready. What do you do? a) Pretend you didn't hear him. b) Run to the door without your stuff. c) Say "I'm sorry I'm not ready" and hurry as fast as you can to get packed. 8) You didn't do your work in class because you were talking too much. Your teacher asks everyone to turn in their papers. a) Tell your teacher you didn't do it and ask when you can make it up. b) Say "I can't do it, it's too hard!" c) Turn in a blank paper. 9) You forgot to bring your supply box to related arts. What do you do? a) "Borrow" your friends stuff without asking. b) Ask your friend or your teacher nicely if you can borrow some of their supplies c) Just don't do your work because you don't have a pencil 10) You are running in the hallway and bump into someone. They drop their books. What do you do a) Keep on moving like nothing happened. b) Say "watch where you are going!" c) Apologize and help them clean up the mess


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