1) I'm arriving at 11. Can you____me____at the airport? a) pick up b) pick off c) take on d) take off 2) I'll___you____at school. Is it OK? a) take on b) put up c) give up d) drop off 3) When did you____ ______ smoking? a) give in b) give up c) give away d) give on 4) I've been_________ for this new computer for 2 years a) cypying b) saving up c) spending d) sorting out 5) What is the best way to___this problem____? a) sort in b) sort of c) sort out d) cope with 6) You should_____calm and motionless if you see a bear a) remain b) remove c) retain d) resolve 7) How can I_____my make up without any water? a) remain b) remove c) retain d) resolve 8) He______of a house and saw that the sun was rising a) went b) stepped out c) left d) came

Vocabulary review (phrasal verbs + confusing words)


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