Our holiday vacation was almost at an end. Andrew wanted to do something special to make our New Year's Celebration memorable, so he arranged for an old-fashioned ____ ride. As we waited for the driver to arrive, we heard the distant wail of a ____ train. The ____ filtered through the pine trees. The air was cold, and the crust on the snow made a crunching sound under the ____ of our footsteps. I heard the jingle of bells as the red sleigh pulled into ____. The horses snorted and pounded their hoofs as they stood impatiently waiting for us to step in. Although we were dressed warmly, the driver ducked blankets ____ around our legs. Then he made a clicking sound, and the horses began to trot down the country lane. Except for the jingle of the bells, and the clip clop of the horses, it was absolutely ____ as we glided over the pure white snow. We flew around a curve so fast that I ____ we might tip over, but the sleigh remained upright. Andrew had the ____ to bring a thermos of hot chocolate. At ____, we filled three cups and toasted each other and our driver. Then we sang Auld Lang Syne. On our ____ home the next morning, I kept thinking of that magical, memorable night.

8.11 New Year's Eve p.#123


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