1) What's your name? 2) How old are you? 3) What's this? 4) What's your phone number? 5) Your bag is heavy. You can't carry it. Go back to the start. 6) Read the numbers: 11, 12, 30, 40, 15, 60 7) Can you read a map? Go to number ten. 8) Read the numbers: 14, 17, 80, 90, 20, 16 9) Spell your surname. 10) How many horses are there in the picture? 11) What colour is your toothbrush? 12) Can you swim? You can't cross the river. Go back to number four. 13) One man - two... , one child - two ... 14) One woman - two... , one person - two... 15) London, Oxford, Cambridge, Tunbridge Wells. Where are these cities? 16) Where are you from? 17) Can your parents ski? 18) Go to number twenty-two. 19) New York, Chicago, Miami. Where are these cities? 20) Tell us about your family (20 seconds, 5 sentences) 21) Tell us about your aunts and uncles (5 sentences) 22) Who's this? 23) Mut's tired. He can't walk. Miss a turn. 24) We can stop at a cafe. What would you like to eat? 25) When is your birthday? 26) What's this? 27) We can't see the road. We're lost. Go back to number three. 28) What's this? 29) What is there on your desk? 30) What are the opposites to these word? thick, new, long 31) What are these? 32) You can ride a horse. Go to number 38 and miss a turn. 33) Where does Mutt sleep? 34) You can't run. Your feet hurt. 35) What pet do you want? Why? 36) What's your favourite school subject? 37) What school subject don't you like? 38) Here a bus stop. Miss a turn. 39) Take the bus to number forty-three. 40) What days do you have science? 41) Oh, no. You can't find your camera. Go back to number thirty-eight and miss a turn. 42) What time is it? 43) Tell us about the monster (20 seconds, 5 sentences) 44) Tell us about your morning (20 seconds, 5 sentences) 45) You're on the wrong bus. Go back to number twenty-five. 46) What sports can you play? 47) The road is closed. Miss a turn. 48) Tell us about this room. (20 seconds, 5 sentences)


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