Roll With the Punches - Deal with problems by being flexible, Pick Up the Slack - Do something that someone else is not doing; assume someone else’s responsibilities, On Deck - Next; having the next turn, Par for the Course - What would normally be expected., Heavy Hitter - A powerful, influential person, Ballpark Figure - A rough estimate, Hit It Out of the Park - Succeed brilliantly, Jump Through Hoops - Complete a series of tasks in order to satisfy someone, Play Ball - Cooperate, agree to participate, Rookie Mistake - An error made by an inexperienced person, Sticky Wicket - A difficult, tricky situation, Up to Scratch - Meeting a basic standard of competence or quality, Come Out Swinging - Respond to something very aggressively, (To Not Have) a Horse in This Race - To have no preference in the outcome of a competition, Give Someone a Run for Their Money - Compete effectively with the leader in a particular field, Get the Ball Rolling - Do something to begin a process,


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