1) You think you're better than I am. Why don't you _____ . a) get wind of it b) get off the hook c) get off your high horse d) get off my chest 2) I don't want to do that. I need to _________ . a) get off the hook b) get off my case c) get off my chest d) get up to speed 3) She's starting a new business. She's just now ____ . a) getting out of town b) getting if off the ground c) getting off her high horse d) getting wind of it 4) Stop bothering me! Just ____ a) get off my chest b) get up to speed c) get off the ground d) get off my case 5) There's something bothering me. I need to ____ a) get it off the hook b) get it off the ground c) get it off my chest d) get if off with somebody 6) You are really irritating. You are ___ a) getting off the hook b) getting out of town c) getting cold feet d) getting on my nerves 7) We didn't have a good first meeting. We __ a) got up to speed b) got off on the wrong foot c) got off the hook d) got off the ground 8) We had a great first meeting. We __ a) got wind of it b) got roped in c) got cold feet d) got off on the right foot 9) Pull yourself together! ____ a) Get out of town. b) Get out of here. c) Get up to speed. d) Get a grip. 10) She did what? Really? I don't believe it. ____ a) Get a grip. b) Get on my nerves. c) Get out of town. d) Get off with somebody. 11) I really love to dance. I ____ on it. a) get off b) get a grip c) get up to speed d) get cold feet 12) I heard about the surprise party. I ____ . a) got out of town b) got roped into it c) got up to speed d) got wind of it 13) She was going to accept the job, but now she isn't. She ____ . a) got wind of it b) got cold feet c) got off her high horse d) got out of here 14) That car is too close behind me. a) Get off my tail! b) Get off the hook! c) Get out of town! d) Get on my nerves!


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