Beginning: Shall I start?, Would you like to start?, Do you mind if I start?, Agreeing: I totally agree with you here., You're absolutely right., That's just what I was thinking., Definitely./ Exactly./ Absolutely., I'd go along with that., That seems reasonable to me., Sounds good to me., Disagreeing: I'm afraid I can't agree with you here., Perhaps, but what about...?, What you haven't considered is..., It might be better to..., I'm not that keen on this idea., Haven't you thought of...?, One problem with that is..., On the other hand, though,..., Asking for opinions: How do you feel about this one?, What's your take on this?, What do you reckon?, ...would you agree?, Adding points: Yes, and another thing is that..., Apart from that, ..., Not only that, but... also..., There's also the fact that..., Just as importantly, ..., Reaching a decision: So which one(s) shall we choose?, Let's agree to disagree., I don't agree but let's leave it at that., So, we're agreed on this one., Are we both in favour of this one?, Are you OK with that?, Are we in agreement on this?, Disagreeing mildly (=expressing doubt): That depends., Not necessarily., I'm not sure about that./ I wouldn't be so sure., Let's not be too hasty about it., We should give it more thought.,




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