1) What's ____ name ? a) you b) she c) your d) they 2) This is Ann. ____ mother is nice. a) She b) Her c) my d) your 3) This is my grandad. ____ name is Bob. a) He b) Our c) His d) My 4) These are my sisters. _______ names are Mary and Liz. a) Their b) Your c) Our d) They 5) My grandma has a bike. ____ bike is green. a) Its b) She c) Her d) Our 6) These are Tom and Sid. _______ grandma is a nurse. a) They b) She c) Their d) Our 7) My sister and I have a dog. _______ dog is black. a) We b) Their c) Our d) Your 8) I am Mary. ______ brother is a pilot. a) My b) Her c) He d) Our 9) They are brothers. _______ cows are red and brown. a) Their b) They c) Her d) His 10) My mum and I cook in the evening. ______ salad is good.  a) We b) Their c) Her d) Our 11) Ann has a ring. It is _____ ring. a) she b) her c) its d) his 12) I am Pete. Bob and Mary are ____ parents. a) our b) your c) my d) I 13) Polly and I have a bird. It is ______ bird. a) we b) their c) her d) our 14) Mark has a clown. ____ clown is funny. a) My b) His c) Her d) Our 15) We are friends. This is ____ farm. a) our b) their c) my d) we

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