Could you describe your family home to me?, Do you plan to take up a new sport in the future?, Are there good quality TV programmes in your country?, Do you find it hard to relax?, What was a memorable holiday when you were a child?, What countries do you hope to learn more about in the future? , How important is it to speak English in your country?, What do you do to keep fit?, What do you like about living in your neighborhood?, how difficult would it be for you to move away from the area you're living now?, What for you is the most interesting aspect of learning English?, How much time do you spend commuting each day?, Do you think it's easy for people to find a good job nowadays?, In the future, do you see yourself living in your own country or somewhere abroad? , Would you say you are a city person or a country person?, Do you think people rely too much on electronic devices?, How can we combat pollution in industrial areas?.


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