If a bee ____ into your home, soon you ____ have a visitor. If you ____ the bee, you ____ bad luck, or the visitor ____ someone you don’t like. If you ____ at the end of a rainbow, you ____ gold. If the first butterfly you see in the year ____ white, you ____ good luck all year. If you ____ under a ladder, you ____ bad luck for a year. If you ____ a mirror, you ____ seven years of bad luck. If you ____ a coin into a well or fountain and ____ a wish, the wish ____ true. If your hand ____ itchy, you ____ some money. If you ____ salt, you ____ with somebody. If you ____ your clothes on inside out by mistake, you ____ good luck. If you ____ an umbrella in the house you ____ bad luck. If you ____ with a mirror under your pillow, you ____ of your future wife/husband. If the first person to enter your house in the New Year ____ a tall dark man, you ____ good luck all year. If you ____ an apple and ____ the peel over your left shoulder, it ____ the initials of your future wife or husband’s name.


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