1) What is a political belief that wanted the government to improve problems in society a) Progressivism b) Immigration 2) Period of widespread social voicing of wanting political change across the U.S., from the 1890s to the 1920s a) Progressive Era b) Westward Movement 3) To want new ideas a) Progressive b) Oppressive 4) a large company or monopoly a) Capitalism b) Monopoly 5) When politicians abuse power a) political corruption b) community 6) the right to vote a) voting b) suffrage 7) to make changes a) adjust b) reform 8) not drinking alcohol a) temperance b) church 9) a style of reporting that shows wrongs a) Muckraker b) reporter 10) a group of workers who protect their rights and interests a) union b) south 11) when employees refuse to work a) spare b) strike 12) a negotiation between a union in a person from the company a) collective bargaining b) strike 13) to not allow something a) prohibit b) closed 14) a small apartment a) tenement b) house 15) a slum in a part of a city a) city b) ghetto


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