If the weather ____, we ____ a picnic. I ____ if you ____ with me. She____ a taxi if it ____. We____ if we ____. They____ on holiday if they ____. She____ dinner if you ____ to the supermarket. I____ a new dress if I ____ enough money. He ____ a better job if he ____ that exam. She____ in London if she ____ a job. They____ to the party if they ____. I____ early if you ____. If you ____ to go out, I____ dinner at home. If he ____, I____ surprised. If we ____ here, we____ late. If I ____ out tonight, I____ to the cinema. If we ____ all this cake, we____ sick. If we ____ each other tomorrow, we____ each other next week. If you ____ back late, I____ angry. If we ____ on holiday this summer, we____ to Spain. If I ____ to bed early, I____ tired tomorrow.

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