Is it easy to meet new people where you live?, How expensive is it to go out in the evening where you live?, Could you tell me something about the area where you grew up?, Could you describe your family home to me?, What’s the most interesting place you’ve visited near ….?, Is there anything you would like to learn about your country?, Tell us about a festival or celebration in your home country, Tell us about a day you’ve really enjoyed recently., Are you planning to do anything special this weekend?, How much time do you spend at home?, What did you do on your last birthday?, Do you like cooking?, What’s your favourite food?, What’s your favourite day of the week?, What’s your favourite part of the day?, Which time of year is your favourite?, Do you use the internet to learn new things?, Do you prefer working on your own or with other people?, What do you think would be the most interesting job to do?, Do you find it easy to study where you live?, Name the most important things you learned at primary school?, Would you prefer to work for a big or small company?, What kind of work would you really like to do in the future?, Are you happier doing mental or physical work?, Can you remember your first English lessons?, Where would you most like to go on holiday in future?, Do you plan your holidays or decide everything spontaneously?, Have you ever used English while traveling?, Is there a good public transport system in your country?, Do you ever go to concerts?, How important is TV to you?, How much TV do you watch in a week?, Do you like the same TV programmes as your parents?, Tell us about a TV programme you've seen recently., Do you enjoy going to parties?, How often do you read newspapers?, Do you like shopping?, Where do you like listening to music?, Do you like going to the cinema?, Tell me about your favourite film star., Tell us about a film you really like., Do you enjoy playing computer games?, Do you use the internet much?, What do you use the internet for?, Do you ever listen to the radio?, Who are the most important people in your life?.

FCE questions


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