1) I promise ____________ the food I'm cooking! a) you'll love b) you're loving c) you loved 2) ___________ dinner with my friends tomorrow night. a) I have b) I'm having c) I had 3) What ________ you having for dinner tonight? a) is b) will c) are 4) If you're hungry, __________ you a sandwich. a) I'm make b) I make c) I'll make 5) The movie ____________ at 9 o'clock. a) start b) starting c) starts 6) ________ you travel abroad this summer? a) Will b) Are c) Is 7) I hope __________ fun tonight! a) you'll have b) you're having c) have 8) ______ you _________ anything fun this weekend? a) Are, doing b) Will, doing c) Are, do 9) What time _________ your next class? a) will b) is c) are 10) What time _________ the movie start? a) does b) is c) are




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