BAT - This is a little mammal with wings, it lives in caves, it can hang down from a branch of a tree., WHALE - This animal is huge, it lives in the sea, water can come out of the top of its head., ZEBRA - It has black and white stripes, it looks like a horse., MOUSE - It's tiny, its favourite food is cheese, cats chase them., PANDA - It lives in Asia, kind of a bear, black and white., KANGAROO - It lives in Australia, has very big tails, likes hopping., JELLYFISH - It lives in the ocean, it has no brain, heart, bones or eyes.  It jiggles like gelatin., SHARK - It lives in the sea as well, has lots of big sharp teeth.  You know you are in danger when you see its fin in the water., SNAIL - Very slow animals. SpongeBob has one as his pet. Its name is Gary., MONKEY - It lives in the jungle, it is mostly black or brown. It never says no to a banana. :) , PENGUIN - It is a bird which can't fly but can swim. It lives in the arctics., DOLPHIN - It lives in the sea, it can jump really high from the water., BEAR - Big brown animal, lives mainly in the forest, there are often warning signs of it., CROCODILE - It is large, often green and when it dives in the water you can still see its eyes., PUPPY - It's a little dog., CAT - It's a pet, it catches mouses., BEE - It's a bug, it collects nectar and makes honey from it., COW - It gives milk for humans., FLY - It's a bug, it's mostly black, and its buzz is very annoying., FROG - It's a mostly green animal, it eats flies when they are flying, it catches them with its tongue., GOAT - It lives on a farm, it has horns, it is an awesome rock hopping jumper., SHEEP - It lives on a farm, it is mostly white and dogs watch them because wolfs like to eat them., DUCK - It can be a wild animal or it can live on a farm. It's a bird, it can fly and it loves swimming in ponds or lakes., CHICKEN - It's a little hen or a rooster., LIZARD - It's a little animal, it's very fast. When the Sun shines it likes to come out of its hiding place and climbs on houses' walls and likes to have a nice sunbath., PARROT - It's a very colourful bird that can mimic human speech., RABBIT - In Alice in Wonderland it has a pocket watch and it's always in a hurry., DONKEY - Shrek's best friend. :), POLAR BEAR - It is big and white and lives on the arctics., KITTEN - It's a little cat.,




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