Janet called to request a refund on the dress., Travis had to preplan a lunch for work., Randall used plants that are native to this part of the world., We had to vote to elect Ms. Jackson to Congress., When I invite you to lunch, I expect a prompt response., The vet likes to provide each new dog owner with a checklist., Can I get a refund for this laptop that does not work?, How will your mom react when we prepare pancakes for brunch?, Judith will learn how to use her new yo-yo., After Iris took a look at the menu, she told the owner she would like a bagel., The students had to copy all the spelling words in the book., The old woman is planting ivy next to the front entry of her house., Dad or Mom are the only ones who can demand that I empty this trash can!, Pick up that cap before the baby finds it and chokes on it., That person must unpack fifty boxes before the end of the day!,

Wilson 5.2 and 5.3 Sentences


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