Starting: Which one shall we start with?, Shall we start from this one?, Agreeing: I fully agree with you because (...), You're absolutely right because (...), I see eye to eye with you on this one because (...), Disagreeing: I don't really agree with you here because (...), I'm afraid I disagree with you because (...), The problem with what you said is (...), Asking for your peer's opinion: What are your views/thoughts on .... ?, How do you feel about ... ? , Where do you stand on ... ?, Interrupting politely: Excuse me, may I say something? , If I may interrupt for a second... , May I add something here? , Expressing your opinion: I firmly believe that ..., As far as (...) is/are concerned, I'd say that... , It seems to me that ... , Making suggestions: How about ... (+ing) ?, Perhaps/Maybe we could... , Why don't we ... (+ infinitive) ? ,


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