1) Which one is a positive self talk?  a) I do not want to do this anymore its to hard b) I can really get through this c) I hate it here its so freaking hard 2) Which one is a negative self talk? a) I failed this test ugh b) I really love this world c) This is my favorite shoes 3) Which one is a positive self talk? Multiple Choice a) I have the power to change my mind. b) Why am i so stupid  c) I love myself for who I am. 4) What is the negative self talk? a) Why do i have to do this its so hard b) I can really do this c) I will not give up 5) Whats one thing hard you can say about your self? Muliple Choice a) I really want to do this but i want to give up b) Im trying so hard c) I really am done I cant d) Im just trying to get in control of my self


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