The Chinese culture is very different from ours.: In China, people write using characters that are symbols for words., Family is very important in the Chinese culture., The color red is a symbol of good luck in the Chinese culture., The Lantern Festival is a popular tradition during the Chinese New Year.: The Lantern Festival is held on the first full moon of the new year., People put messages on the lanterns before they are released., People release their lanterns at midnight for good luck., Food is very different in China.: In China, people use chopsticks to eat with., Dumplings are a very popular food in China., It is important to eat with your family in China., The signs of the Zodiac are important to the Chinese people. : There are 12 animals that are a part of the Chinese Zodiac., Each year there is an animal from the Zodiac assigned to it., They say that each animal in the Zodiac describes the person born that year., The Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday of the year in China.: The date of the Chinese New Year depends on the Lunar calendar., There are many parades to celebrate the Chinese New Year., The dragon is an important symbol of the Chinese New Year.,


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