I don't know why I am so tired these days. I (be) working too hard. Or maybe I am not sleeping too well., You seem to know everything about films. You (watch) a lot of films every week., Giving the promotion to James was silly. He (know) much about this company after only a year working here., Go and look in the kitchen for your keys. They (be) in there., The phone is ringing. Answer it. It (be) Mary. She always calls at this time., He (have) a job interview today - he's waiting to hear from the company., Sara's very busy. She (come) tonight., I wouldn't swim in this river if I were you. It (be) dangerous., Jane is quite good at grammar. She (know) the answer to this question., That girl looks bored. She (be) waiting for someone..

Modals of deduction - use must, can't , could, might or may.


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