1) I put on some sunblock and a baseball hat. What was the weather like outside? a) Windy b) Sunny c) Rainy d) Cloudy 2) Derek ran up the court and yelled "I'm open, pass it to me" to the boy with the ball. What sport were they playing? a) Baseball b) Soccer c) Basketball d) Tennis 3) Anna and Sam sat down in their seats with their popcorn, the room got dark, it was starting. Where were Anna and Sam? a) At home b) At the museum c) At school d) At the movie theater 4) I can be used for light when you go camping. I need batteries, what am I? a) Flashlight b) Lightbulb c) Fan d) Sleeping Bag 5) Adam looked at the test his teacher just gave him back with a big smile on his face. How was Adam feeling? a) Disappointed b) Frustrated c) Proud d) Surprised 6) The crowd cheered as the ball went flying into the outfield and the boy ran to third base. Where did this take place? a) Soccer Field b) Tennis Court c) Football Field d) Baseball Field 7) It was David's first day at his new school and he didn't know anyone there. He started to feel his eyes get watery as he walked slowly to his class. How might David be feeling? a) Excited b) Worried c) Mad d) Surprised 8) I am in the nurses office and I have a thermometer in my mouth. The nurse is calling home. What happened to me? a) I got hurt at recess b) I spilled on my clothes c) I forgot my homework d) I have a fever 9) My team cheered for me as I kicked hard and scored the winning goal. What sport was I playing? a) Hockey b) Soccer c) Lacrosse d) Basketball 10) We had to speak in whisper voices because people were reading books and studying. Where were we? a) Supermarket b) Museum c) Library d) Fire Station 11) I have wings and I can fly. Don't bother me or I may sting. What am I? a) Airplane b) Bird c) Butterfly d) Bee 12) The trees looked so pretty with all of the different colors. I couldn't wait to collect some more pine cones and acorns. What season was it? a) Fall b) Winter c) Spring d) Summer 13) I am grey and I have a trunk. You can find me in a jungle or sometimes at the circus. What am I? a) Clown b) Tiger c) Elephant d) Lion 14) Jenny jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs when she smelled the pancakes and eggs cooking. What meal did Jenny smell her mom cooking? a) Dinner b) Breakfast c) Lunch d) Snack 15) Charlie spread out the dough, added the sauce and cheese and put it in the oven to bake. What was Charlie making? a) Grilled Cheese b) Pizza c) Chicken Nuggets d) French Fries

Make an Inference with Clues: Read each clue to figure out the correct answer


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