1) eau in french says a) /ay/ like pay b) /aw/ like paw c) /u/ like flu d) /ow/ like crow 2) x after eau means a) a quality b) feminine c) plural d) in the past 3) Silent letters at the end of French words include a) e, s, and t b) s and t c) e, s, t and g d) e and t 4) "e" before a silent letter says a) /ee/ like spree b) /a/ like May c) /o/ like doe d) nothing, it becomes silent also 5) qué says a) /key/ b) /kay/ c) /kway/ d) /kwee/ like queen 6) "i" at the end, before a silent letter says a) /i/ like sky b) nothing, it's silent also c) /i/ like pig d) /ee/ like ski 7) "ch" in French says a) /ch/ like chump b) /sh/ like shop c) /k/ like key d) /sk/ like ski 8) "i" before a consonant-e says  a) /ee/ like feet b) /i/ like sigh c) /i/ like ick d) /ay/ like say 9) "age" has three sounds, which is the French sound a) /auzh/ like mirage b) /ige/ like image c) /age/ like page 10) Which suffix means small a) ess b) sub c) ette d) ite 11) Which suffix means feminine a) ette b) ess c) ite d) x 12) que says a) /ck/ b) /kay/ c) /kwe/ d) /kway/




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