I have a ____ for a sore throat. This soup ____ is delicious. My friend is scheduled for heart ____ on Tuesday. My head ____ so much that I can't sleep. If you have a ____ throat, you need to treat it. This ____ cannot be cured! Paul ____ his shoulder during the accident. This computer is ____, buy a new one. She looks ____ in this dress. It falls off her! The figure of this athlete is very ____. This ____ helps better than antibiotics because my grandmother made it. This ____ will be quite long. We need to put you in the hospital for ____. In sports, the ____ is important, and in medicine, the ____ of drugs. I want to be ____ so that I can always be ____. He must ____ all patients or the police will come to him and ____ all his crimes. This ____ causes allergies. Water ____ will harm all nature. This ____ is terrible, ask the doctor to change it for you. This ____ won't let you dance! Her ____ in the hospital was very quiet and bright. There are a lot of patients in this ____ because there are good doctors. We need to ____ this device, we really need it! The ____ of this medicine should be minimal. Doctor, help, he has a ____ and is very ill! He is so hot! My daughter has a ____ Give her a good ____, doctor!


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