What are some things you should do when you first meet your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s parents? How about things you shouldn’t do?, What are some things you should do to improve your English?, What should you do to be popular?, What should politicians do to make your country a better place? What should ordinary people do?, What should people do to be happy?, Should scientists try to make machines that can think by themselves and have emotions?, What should you do in an earthquake?, What should you do when a typhoon hits?, Think of one major problem facing your country. What should be done to fix it?, What is one huge problem with the world? What should be done to fix it?, I want to make a lot of money, give me some advice., I just saw a man steal a woman’s purse, what should I do?, I just cut myself really badly, what should I do?, I want to be healthier, give me some advice., I don’t know what I want to do in the future, what should I do?, I just saw a UFO, give me some advice., What three pieces of advice you will give your children?, What foods should people eat a lot of to be healthy?, What advice can you give me to improve my cooking?, What foreign restaurant do you recommend? What dish should I get?, Are there any restaurants near here I really should stay away from?, Are there any coffee shops or bars you can recommend?.

Motivate 2 - should/shouldn't Conversation Questions


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