1) We know nothing of his ... the article. a) has published b) having published c) to have published 2) It is necessary for the goods ... packed in strong cases. a) to be b) being c) be 3) She explained this to them by ... she was busy. a) say b) saying c) to say 4) The first thing for me ... is ... when the steamer arrives. a) to do / finding out b) doing / finding out c) doing / to find out d) to do / to find out 5) His ... sent to London was quite unexpected to us. a) to be b) be c) being 6) The weather was too cold for the children ... . a) to bathe b) bathing c) bathe 7) There is nothing for you ... but leave at once. a) to do b) doing c) do 8) The best thing is for you ... it now. a) doing b) to do c) do 9) We saw them ... from parachutes. a) to jump b) jump c) jumping 10) I heard the door of the conference hall ... and ... softly. a) open and close b) to open and to close c) opening and closing 11) We wished him ... . a) succeed b) to succeed c) succeeding 12) Excuse my ... you. a) interrupt b) interrupting c) to interrupt 13) We knew him ... a clever man. a) be b) being c) to be 14) He succeeded in ... his speciality. a) to master b) mastering c) having mastered 15) You must ... careful with a child. a) to be b) being c) be 16) You know how I hate ... in other people's business. a) interfere b) to interfere c) interfering 17) He seemed ... his defeat quietly. a) to have taken b) having taken c) have taken 18) He was seen ... the street and turn around the corner. a) cross b) to cross c) crossing 19) I seem ... unable to serve this problem. a) being b) be c) to be 20) At any moment the boys were likely ... . a) coming b) to come c) come 21) It's no use ... things by halves. a) to do b) do c) doing 22) She kept ... Henry with interest. a) eyeing b) eye c) to eye 23) He didn't feel like ... to anyone now. a) to talk b) talking c) talk 24) She asked her one or two questions. Kitty answered them without ... what they meant. a) know b) to know c) knowing 25) He waited impatiently for Eliza ... on. a) going b) to go c) go 26) After a moment, everyone started ... again. a) talking b) to talk c) talk 27) Jennie was busy all next day ... for a party. a) preparing b) to prepare c) prepare 28) I couldn't answer for ... . a) cough b) to cough c) coughing 29) I felt the wind ... through a clink in the wall. a) blow b) to blow c) blowing 30) I like ... better than any other sport. a) skate b) to skate c) skating 31) Your ... so angrily makes me ... very sad. a) speaking / feeling b) speaking / feel c) to speak / to feel d) to speak / feel 32) I didn't know of your ... so deeply impressed by my work. a) having been b) have been c) be d) to be e) being f) to have been 33) The night was too dark for the tourists ... on. a) moving b) to move c) move 34) Upon ... his examinations, he was accepted to the Academy. a) passing b) pass c) to pass 35) He left the room without ... good-bye. a) say b) to say c) saying 36) After ... to Moscow he resumed his work. a) having returned b) have return c) returning 37) We have never heard of his ... belonged to the scientific society. a) having b) have c) to have 38) I expect you ... our excursion. a) joining b) to join c) join 39) This is for you ... . a) deciding b) to decide c) decide 40) In spite of ... tired he continued working. a) be b) to be c) being


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