Alliteration: Should sheep shower in a shed?, Purple possums are not possible., The igloo is icy and immense., Let's get some lovely lemonade from the library., The turtle is topsy-turvy after tumbling down the hill., Personification: The angry sky howled and grumbled., The car happily glided down the road., The house waited patiently for the family to return., The ball hopped over to the boy., My bed is calling my name., Metaphors: You're a chicken for avoiding the rollercoaster., Cam Janson's memory is a camera taking pictures., My mom is a worrywart., My teacher was a walking encyclopedia., My granddaughter is the apple of my eye., Simile: We are as alike as two peas in a pod., Be as quiet as a mouse!, If you fall out that tree you'll be flat as a pancake!, The water is as smooth as glass., Allergies made her nose sound like a foghorn.,


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