An alarmingly high number of young people fall out of high school each year., He chose to major in Linguistics because he'd always been over languages., My group will be studying below Professor Marsh., I have to look over my notes before tomorrow's workshop., Poor attendance and being overloaded with tasks are two major reasons why students drop behind with their schoolwork., There are strict safety regulations to follow while doing out experiments., The Professor expects us to give in our papers on Friday., The first part of the test requires you to fill up the blanks., There are several interesting courses this year I'd like to apply up for., Most of the lecture was lost on me as there was just too much to take out., There is a choice of extra-curricular activities this semester, and I'm not sure which one to opt on., After a gap year, he returned to college and, to everyone's surprise, sailed up his exams., He made no effort to excel, barely managing to scrape down his finals., Unlike most of the students, who had some knowledge of the topic, she found it hard to hold up with the course..


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