He ____ wondering about how planes work as he read the book. (past) Next year, she ____ living in Prague. (future) They ____ reading a letter to him last night. (past) We ____ running around the track at tomorrow’s practice. (future) You ____ listening to the teacher while he gave instructions. (past) It ____ shining brightly in the sky today. (present) I ____ laughing at the funny joke long after my sister told it to me. (past) She ____ picking flowers from her garden for the wedding. (future) You ____ kicking the ball into the goal when there was a penalty. (past) He ____ jumping over the puddle. (present) It ____ crawling across the floor. (past) They ____ drinking some chocolate milk with dinner. (past) I ____ swimming in the lake when summertime comes. (future)

Helping verb "to be" - Past, Present, Future


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