stricken - Lightening has s____________en the tree., happy - I am very _____________., scab - I have a ___________ on my knee., common - It is very c______________n to have trouble with spelling., shabby - You look kind of sh__________ today., taffy - I love to eat salt water _________________., comment - please do not c_____________ on my hair today., tasket - A tisket a ______________, a green and yellow basket., privacy - My diary has a lock on it to protect my p____________., secret - I have a ________________ to tell you., trellis - We grow our tomatoes on a ________________., exam - I hope we don't have an ___x________ today in school., salt - Please pass the _______________., pricy - I can not buy that cool bike because it is too $$$$ pr________., success - The bubble party was a great s_____________s. Everyone loved it.,


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