1) Oh no! My alarm clock ______ ! a) ring b) is ringing 2) I __ getting up so early. a) am hating b) hate 3) ___ the answer to the  question? a) Are you knowing b) Do you know 4) I ____ a cake right now, so I can't answer my phone. a) am making b) make 5) My sister __ to do her English homework at the moment, a) is trying b) tries 6) but she_____ the text. a) doesn't understand b) isn't understanding 7) He is thirsty. He ___ a drink! a) need b) is needing 8) The students _____ in the library at the moment, a) are working b) work 9) but they're tired and they ____ to go home. a) want b) are wanting

Go getter 4 WB Unit 0.1 Stative verbs


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