1) I’ve put on a lot of weight recently. I really ... a diet. 2) Men ... a tie to that restaurant, otherwise they won’t let you in 3) You ... an umbrella with you when you go out later, in case it rains. 4) The children are asleep, so we ... too much noise. 5) When I started my first job, I ... my boss ‘Sir’. 6) When I was six, my teacher was really pleased that I ... simple books well 7) I’ve got a long day tomorrow, so I ... late tonight 8) We ... Jim and arrange to meet tonight. Have you got his number? 9) Before you get a job abroad, you ... for a work permit. 10) You ... the food more carefully; this chicken could kill someone! 11) It’s my father’s birthday in two weeks. I ... him a card. 12) I was ill when I took my driving test but still I... 13) Our flight left early, so we ... a taxi to the airport. 14) If you want to pass your exams this year, you ... more of your classes. 15) He really ... late; he missed some really important information. 16) She studies hard and ... English newspapers and magazines really well now.


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