Positive : She received $25 in her birthday card, Temperatures rose 20 degrees during the day, Gained 32 pounds, Deposit of $250, Stock Market gained 10 points, A football player caught a 24 yard pass, The account was credited $50, North Carolina's temperatures average 80 degrees each year, Austin, Texas is 425 feet above sea level, He earned $40 every 2 hours, In the past year, her hair grew 6 inches, Negative: Withdrawal of $100, Stock Market dropped 15 points, Losing 10 pounds, He has a debt of $45, Pay a $13 penalty, 48 meters below sea level, Jesse borrowed $46, Temperatures fell 37 degrees overnight, Losing 10 dimes, Her math grade decreased 9 points, His account is overdrafted by $20, A quarterback is sacked for a loss of 12 yards, Moving back 5 spaces on a board game,




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