1) When it is time to accept the consequences, it is time to... a) Drum it up b) Face the music c) Toot your own horn d) Get the show on the road 2) If someone changes their mind about something, they have... a) Jazzed it up b) Hit the right note c) Made a scene d) Changed their tune 3) When someone makes a lot of fuss, they... a) Make a scene b) Hit the right note c) Are like a broken record d) Toot their own horn 4) When I hear wonderful news, it is... a) A tough act to follow b) Music to my ears c) Time to face the music d) Fine-tuned 5) When someone says the same thing again and again, they are... a) Left out of the picture b) Getting the show on the road c) Like a broken record d) Tooting their own horn 6) When someone is an expert at something, usually after much practice, they... a) Changed their tune b) Jazz it up c) Made a scene d) Have it down to an art 7) If she talks too much about her achievements, she... a) Toots her own horn b) Is a tough act to follow c) Reads her like a book d) Hits the right note 8) If I want to make something more colorful or exciting, I want to... a) Put us in the picture b) Jazz it up c) Drum it into your head d) Do it by the book


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