There is a ____ from the ____. In a jiffy, Jimmy will grab his ____ and his ten-gallon hat. He will hop on his ____. They will ____ past the cactus to the summit of a hill. He will pretend to spy Billy the Kid and whip the ____ from his belt. Bang! "It is fun to ____," said Jimmy. Russel is happy when he can strum his banjo and ____. Kitty says it is a scandal to sing like that in ____. Russell is from Dallas, ____. Russell says it's a ____ custom for those from the West to yodel. On the map in the ____, Russell does find that Boston is very distant from Dallas. Why do you think people in Boston do not yodel? A camel is an odd ____. He's shaggy and smelly. He can spit when you don't expect it, and his kick can be ____. His legs and neck are very long. A ____ has a big hump on his back. He's strong and doesn't have to drink very often. A nomad who had to ____ in a dry, hot land could depend on the camel. It was a tribal ____ to put a heavy pack on the back of a camel. But now, it's just as ____ for a nomad to put the pack in the back of his truck to make the trip.

Barton 4.6: Schwa Paragraphs




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