1) ______ name is Ricky. _____ is from Ribeirão Preto. a) He / His b) Her / He c) His / She d) His / They e) His / He f) His / Ricky 2) ______ name is Petra. _____ likes playing tennis. a) She / Her b) Her / She c) Her / Our d) Her / Petra e) His / Petra f) My / I 3) ______ name is Peter. _____ loves walking in the park. a) I / My b) You / I c) I / Your d) His / Peter e) My / I f) She / Her 4) ______ names are Ricky and Petra. _____ loathe São Paulo. a) They / Their b) Their / They c) We / Our d) Our / We e) They / Your f) Their / Ricky and Petra 5) ______ name is Lucy. _____ phone number is 16993374554. a) Her / Her b) Her / She c) Her / His d) She / her e) Lucy / Her f) His / Her 6) This is Ricky's car. _____ car is AWESOME! a) It b) She c) He d) Its e) Her f) His 7) Ricky's pet dog is called Rex. Ricky loves Rex. a) It / it b) It/She c) Its / It d) It / He e) It/ Ricky f) He/He 8) My best friend and I love the beach. _____ favourite beach is Ipanema in Rio. a) Our/we b) We/Our c) They/We d) He/His e) We/They f) We/His 9) Jean is British. Jean's from Britain. ______ mother lives in Britain. a) He/He/Her b) She/She/She c) She/She/Her d) He/He/His e) Her/She/She f) She/Her/She 10) Cultura Inglesa is in Ribeirão Preto. _____ study English here. a) It/We b) It/my friends and I c) It/Its d) He/She e) We/it f) It/It

Possessive Adjectives and Personal pronouns


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