1) ... she was an excellent singer, Joanna could not play any musical instruments. a) despite b) while c) however 2) ... I have always liked travelling, I really dislike flying. a) however b) although c) nevertheless 3) ... he is very good at maths, Peter simply isn't interested in it. a) Even though b) In spite of c) Nevertheless 4) ... Paul tried to get to the concert on time, he arrived late. a) although b) while c) however d) nevertheless 5) ... being a great fan of James Bond films, George did not enjoy the latest one. a) although b) however c) in spite of d) nevertheless 6) ... my little sister likes school, she's always happy when the weekend comes. a) Even though b) However c) Nevertheless d) In spite of 7) ... enjoying drawing, I wouldn't want to take art classes. a) However b) Despite c) Even though d) Nevertheless 8) ... I dislike dogs, they've never frightened me. a) Although b) In spite of c) However d) Nevertheless

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