1) What activities do you find boring? (1 point) 2) What was your happiest dream about? (1 point) 3) What do you like most about yourself ? (2 points) 4) I am grateful for my sense of taste, because.... (2 points) 5) I care about .... (2 points) 6) Do you ever feel like you can't sit still? What do you do when that happens? (5 points) 7) What gets you really angry? (2 points) 8) I feel I am a good friend, because .... (2 points) 9) Qualities I admire in friends are....(2 points) 10) Describe a time you did something which made you feel calm. (5 points) 11) Take 5 deep breaths. (5 points) 12) What was your favorite field trip? Why? (2 points) 13) How do you decide between right and wrong? (5 points) 14) What is your favorite place? (1 point) 15) What are you really lazy about? (2 points) 16) How much self-control do you have? (2 points) 17) Talk about a time when you were wrong about something. (5 points) 18) Who is the main person you go to when you want help? (1 point) 19) Talk about a time you felt disappointed. (2 points) 20) Did you ever get in trouble for being impatient? What happened? 21) Who do you trust the most? why? (2 points) 22) What is something you will never do? (2 points) 23) What school subject has been most difficult for you? (2 points) 24) Do you like school? why? (1 point) 25) What is something you can do really well? (2 points) 26) Tell about a time you felt proud of yourself. (2 points) 27) What do you usually do when you are bored? (1 point) 28) What makes you special? (2 points) 29) Name 5 rules you have to follow in your home. (5 points) 30) If you were a color, what color would you be? (1 point) 31) What is your favorite summer food? (1 point) 32) What is something you worry about? (2 points) 33) I feel frustrated when.... (2 points) 34) What is the coolest thing you have seen in nature? (2 points) 35) What would you do if you were president? (1 point) 36) What are your favorite games? (1 point) 37) What is one chore you hate doing? (1 point) 38) What would your parents say you are good at? (2 points) 39) If you could click your fingers and be anywhere else right now, where would you be? why? (2 points) 40) Take 5 deep breaths (5 points)

Getting to know you (children) 1


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