1) Eliot served, but the ball ... into the net. a) went b) was going c) had gone 2) The athlete fell when she ... towards the finishing line. a) run b) was running c) had run 3) I didn't realize that you two ... before. a) didn't meet b) weren't meeting c) hadn't met 4) A: I can't find my glasses anywhere. B: ... them when you left home this morning? a) Did you wear b) Were you wearing c) Had you worn 5) ... walk to work, or do you drive? a) Do you use to b) Do you usually c) Use you to 6) When I was a child, I ... love vegetables. a) don't used to b) didn't used to c) didn't use to 7) ... do any sport at university? a) Did you use to b) Use you to c) Did you used to 8) Lots of famous films ... in San Francisco. a) have shot b) have been shot c) has been shot 9) He hates ... about his private life. a) asking b) being asking c) being asked 10) Why ... in New Zeland? a) is the film being made b) is the film making c) is making the film 11) Many people believe that Columbus ... America. a) didn't really discover b) wasn't really discovered c) weren't really discovered 12) A: I've just rung the doorbell, but there's no answer. B: They ... in the garden. Have a look. a) can't be b) might be c) can be 13) I'm 29 and he's a bit older than me, so he ... in his thirties now. a) must be b) may be c) can't be 14) A: Ann and Simon have broken up! B: That ... true! I saw them together just now. a) mustn't be b) might be c) can't be 15) A: Does your sister know Liam? B: She ... him. I'm not sure. a) can't know b) may know c) can know

EF inter 5&6 revise and check grammar


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