elastic - The _________ band held the stack of cards together, tomato - A. salad is. best with lettuce, cucumber, and _______., deposit - I will _________ my paycheck into my bank account., calculate - You must ________ the total before adding the tax., copilot - The _______ assisted the pilot in flying the plane., misbehave - The teacher warned the students that they must not _______ while she is out., revisit - My family would like to _______ that museum again to see more of the exhibits., uneven - The ________ floor creaked when we walked across it. , enemy - It is best to have a friend, rather than an ________., buffalo - The plains of Wyoming are known for roaming ______., envelope - Put the letter in the _________ and mail it., economy - Our _________ is dependent on jobs and people spending money., volcano - The erupting _________ is causing much destruction in the local towns., reinflate - We will need to ________ the air mattress before going to bed., untidy - The ________ house resulted in rodents and mold., disrespect - Be sure to not disrespect those that are kind and helpful., instruments - The students need their _______ for band class., monument - The Washington __________ is a symbol of honor for George Washington,




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