1) Does fixing a broken toilet sound interesting? a) b) 2) Does operating on someone in a hospital sound interesting?  a) b) 3) Does writing a book sound interesting? a) b) 4) Does preparing food in a restaurant sound interesting?  a) b) 5) Does being an astronomer sound interesting? a) b) 6) Does being a painter sound interesting? a) b) 7) Does working in construction sound interesting? a) b) 8) Does being a software developer sound interesting? a) b) 9) Does playing an instrument sound interesting? a) b) 10) Does fixing a broken refrigerator sound interesting? a) b) 11) Does a zoologist sound interesting?  a) b) 12) Does being the chef at a restaurant sound interesting?  a) b) 13) Does fixing a broken car sound interesting? a) b) 14) Does being a veterinarian sound interesting?  a) b) 15) Does acting on Broadway sound interesting? a) b) 16) Does being a house painter interest you?  a) b) 17) Does being a lawyer interest you? a) b) 18) Does being an architect interest you?  a) b) 19) Does being a roofer interest you? a) b) 20) Does being a judge interest you?  a) b) 21) Does helping customers in a store interest you? a) b) 22) Does directing movies interest you? a) b) 23) Would you like to be a pre-school teacher? a) b) 24) Does it sound interesting to be a nurse or doctor? a) b) 25) Would you like to be a counselor? a) b) 26) Would it be fun to start your own business? a) b) 27) Would you like to help people find books in the library? a) b) 28) Would it be interesting to supervise others at work? a) b) 29) Would you like to sell cars to people? a) b) 30) Would you like to ask people to donate money for a charity? a) b) 31) Would it be interesting to organize things in a office? a) b) 32) Would it be interesting to organize a food pantry? a) b) 33) Would it be interesting to shelve books in the library? a) b) 34) Would you place clothing on a store rack by type and size? a) b)


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